MGMA has written a number of articles for the trade press covering some of the issues that affect the industry today. The articles are wide ranging and, for example, cover topics on membrane thickness, the use of robotics, refurbishment of internal gutters and the merits of different metal rainwater systems.

Manufacturers are best placed to offer advice about their particular products and their published data should be closely adhered to; as any variation from their data during the design or construction process could result in the component or system failing prematurely or not complying with the guarantee or warranty conditions. Any uncertainty about the use or application of a product or system should be referred back to the manufacturer for detailed written advice.

A21 Inspecting and maintaining gutter systems
A20 The importance of roof drainage calculation
A19 A new age of steel, copper and zinc rainwater systems
A18 Recommendations for eaves gutter installation
A17 Going to ground – why are there issues when roof drainage hits floor level?
A16 Metal gutters for all seasons
A15 The case for metal systems
A14 New standards for metal rainwater in a changing climate
A13 MGMA sets the standard for metal gutters
A12 BS EN12056-3:2000. Fifteen years old – still a new standard?
A11 Robotics: A combination of the traditional and the modern
A10 Industrial rainwater gutter systems
A09 Membrane thickness – issues and solutions
A08 Refurbishment of internal metal gutters
A07 Show your metal – the growing popularity of metal gutters
A06 Focus on industrial guttering
A05 When is a gutter internal?
A04 Well designed gutters do perform
A03 An introduction to aluminium gutter systems
A02 MGMA helps develop best practice
A01 A focus on cast iron rainwater systems