MGMA produces a range of guidance documents designed to educate specifiers and contractors alike on the type of metal rainwater systems available, their application, superior life expectancy and unrivalled value over other material alternatives.

The roof drainage system is an important aspect of the overall roof design and the design process and the correct selection of materials can be complex. It is therefore recommended that in addition to reading the guidance documents, the designer consults an MGMA member for advice – details can be found in the members’ section of the web site.

MGMA has introduced the Metal Rainwater Matters magazine which will keep you informed about the latest developments in the use of metal rainwater systems. If you are looking for a rainwater system that really performs and stands the tests of time metal systems should be the first choice.

The environmental and sustainable benefits of metal, together with developments in colour has led to a much wider use of metal in construction. Metal Rainwater Matters will show you how to create imaginative and innovative metal rainwater systems that offer cost effective and sustainable solutions. The magazine can be downloaded from the menu opposite.

Manufacturers are best placed to offer advice about their particular products and their published data should be closely adhered to; as any variation from their data during the design or construction process could result in the component or system failing prematurely or not complying with the guarantee or warranty conditions. Any uncertainty about the use or application of a product or system should be referred back to the manufacturer for detailed written advice.

All documents can be downloaded as PDF files by clicking on the document title.

GD01 Focus on standard aluminium rainwater systems
GD02 Focus on cast iron rainwater systems 
GD03 Rainwater drainage design EN12056:3-2000
GD04 Focus on seamless aluminium pre-painted gutter systems
GD05 Focus on industrial guttering
GD06 Siphonic roof drainage
GD07 Advantages of painted metal gutters
GD08 Advice on retention of title clauses
GD09 MGMA position statement on CE marking of rainwater goods
GD10 Industrial gutters coating selector
GD11 The re-sealing of joints in cast iron gutters
GD12 Cast iron gutter maintenance
GD13 Industrial metal rainwater systems – inspection and maintenance
GD14 Refurbishment of internal metal gutters
GD15 Guidance to the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015
GD16 Eaves gutter installation recommendations
GD17 Guidance on industrial membrane gutters
GD18 Eaves gutter design flow
GD19 Guidance on metal rainwater systems and underground drainage
GD20 BS 9101:2017 Steel and aluminium rainwater systems
GD21 Guidance on selecting the correct rainfall intensity