Whichever metal you choose – cast aluminium, cast iron, fabricated steel or fabricated aluminium – metal represents the most sustainable environmentally-friendly building material. Metal rainwater drainage systems contribute significantly to the sustainable design concept, thanks to their high recycled content, recyclability and energy efficiency.

MGMA members offer a range of sustainable rainwater solutions:

Aluminium represents a sustainable, environmentally friendly building material; the life time value of aluminium is high, lasting in excess of 25 years or more. Eighty per cent of the aluminium rainwater systems already in use in the UK has been manufactured from recycled aluminium and aluminium is 100 per cent infinitely recyclable at the end of its life.

Cast iron
Cast iron is a popular choice for its traditional virtues of strength, reliability, versatility and sustainability. Cast iron rainwater goods are often manufactured from a mix of the following recycled materials; scrap iron, scrap steel pressings and scrap steel casting. The resultant cast iron products are themselves 100 per cent recyclable at the end of the product’s life cycle.

Galvanised steel represents a sustainable, environmentally friendly building material due to its longevity. Galvanised steel can be reused or recycled repeatedly without losing its qualities as a building material making it a sustainable choice for low carbon specification projects.