Industry standards

Environmental and climatic conditions within the UK have been one of the key drivers for roof drainage and water management at the roofline position across all types of buildings. From historic buildings through to modern architecture the collection of water from roof level; its efficient distribution to outlet positions and its removal down to ground level drainage has been the subject of many designs and innovations.

To meet these exacting standards, industry has been working with British Standards to ensure that products meet the challenges set upon gutters, outlets and down pipes and all of the other components required to provide a proven system, which is efficient and structurally capable of handling large volumes of water under normal and storm conditions.

The following standards deal specifically with metal based products and systems and the performance of such systems in the built environment.

BS 9101:2017
Steel and aluminium rainwater systems. Specification

BS EN 1462:2004
Brackets for eaves gutters. Requirements and testing

BS EN 612:2005
Eaves gutters with bead stiffened fronts and rainwater pipes with seamed joints made of metal sheet

BS 460:2002+A2:2007
Cast iron rainwater goods. Specification

BS 8530:2010
Traditional-style half round, beaded half round, Victorian ogee and moulded ogee aluminium rainwater systems. Specification

BS EN 12056-1:2000
Gravity drainage systems inside buildings. General and performance requirements

BS EN 12056-3:2000
Gravity drainage systems inside buildings. Roof drainage, layout and calculation

BS EN 12056-5:2000
Gravity drainage systems inside buildings. Installation and testing, instructions for operation, maintenance and use

BS 8490:2007
Guide to siphonic roof drainage systems

Note: Industry standards are continually being updated and copies of current standards are obtainable directly from BSi Group.