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Rainline from Lindab – Sustainable Steel Gutters

With the ever-growing demand for sustainable, durable building materials, councils, housing associations, architects, developers, house builders and even self builders are specifying gutters and downpipes manufactured from steel.

Lindab is considered to be at the forefront of producing technologically advanced, innovative and ecologically friendly rainwater systems which offer a real and sustainable alternative to less environmentally friendly products such as plastic – without compromising performance.

It is therefore not surprising that Lindab’s Rainline is attracting considerable interest, because unlike plastic systems for example, Rainline combines proven environmental qualities with practical benefits to provide a high performance rainwater control solution for all types of buildings.

Rainline’s carbon footprint is significantly lower than many of the rainwater systems currently on the market, making it the ideal choice when sustainability is a key requirement.

Competitively priced to ensure that Rainline can be specified without compromising budgets – it is priced at around the same level as a mid-range plastic system – it will totally outperform plastic in every respect – offering minimal thermal movement and UV stability, it will not crack, fade or leak, is highly resistant to corrosion and virtually maintenance free.

Councils and housing associations in particular are welcoming Rainline’s vandal proof capabilities – the system downpipe fits closely to the wall and is robustly secured making it virtually impossible to either climb up or pull from the wall.

Another key benefit is that Rainline is quick and easy to install as it is precision engineered to simply click together for a perfect watertight fit. On-site labour time and costs are also kept to a minimum – no special tools are required either.

Available in 10 attractive high build polyester paint colours, the finish of which is guaranteed for 15 years, Rainline is also available in Aluzinc, natural copper finish and plain galvanised.

Rainline at the end of its natural life can itself be totally recycled further underpinning its carbon footprint and whole life costing credentials.

In summary, Rainline is:

Eco friendly, sustainable and fully recyclable
Manufactured from high quality steel
Hardwearing and robust – will not fade, leak or crack
High Build Polyester coated systems have a functional life in excess of 40 years
Available in 10 colours plus natural copper, Aluzinc and plain galvanised
Comparable in price to a mid-range plastic system
Fully guaranteed

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