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Corrivo has been manufacturing and supplying metal gutters and other fabrications to the industrial roofing market since 2000. From our skilled fabricators on the factory floor to our exceptional office staff, our team is dedicated to delivering top-quality products to roofing contractors with rapid turnaround times.

Specialising in flashings and gutters in steel, aluminium and single-ply membrane, we have built our business with a focus on delivering exceptional service every time.

Single ply membrane gutters
Single ply membrane gutters are an increasingly popular choice for contract managers, thanks to their lightweight but durable finish. The high level of joint integrity and excellent corrosion resistance make them a long-lasting option and the ease of installation also helps save time on site.

Insulated membrane gutters
Our range of insulated membrane gutters are perfect for contractors looking to improve the carbon footprint of their building envelope. Integrating seamlessly with insulated roofing systems, these gutters help reduce cold spots and reduce thermal bridging, while offering excellent weather and corrosion resistance.

Box profile gutters
The box profile gutter is perfect for when a high-capacity gutter is required, suited for all building types and available in a wide range of materials and finishes.

Metal gutters
We also provide gutters in a huge selection of metals, including steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, powder-coated aluminium and Plastisol.

We also provide a range of other roofing fabrications, including:

  • Flashings
  • Soffit planks
  • Rainwater goods (pipes, outlets and swan necks)
  • Aluminium cappings
  • And many more
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Corrivo Building Products Ltd
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