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                                                                      Pic shows the cast iron process
 Cast Iron



 The popularity of cast iron has grown in
 recent years due to a greater trend towards
 conservation and sustainability by property
 managers and designers. Cast iron is used
 mainly on the more traditional new build
 properties and extensively in the refurbishment
 market for domestic properties, churches,
 industrial and municipal buildings.

 Cast iron is a popular choice for its traditional
 virtues of strength, reliability, versatility and
 sustainability. Cast iron rainwater goods are
 often manufactured from a mix of the following
 recycled materials; scrap iron, scrap steel
 pressings and scrap steel casting. The resultant
 cast iron products are themselves 100 per cent
 recyclable at the end of the product’s life cycle.
 There are thousands of existing profiles of
 cast iron gutter displayed on existing buildings
 and all of these can be replicated today using   hardness and abrasion/impact resistance,   materials there is no plastic replica to cast iron
 the traditional fabrication and sand casting   and exceptional gloss and colour retention.   that can remotely provide the durability, feel or
 techniques. The current manufactured stock   The coatings can be formulated for specific   appearance of cast iron. At first glance, PVC
 ranges include Half Round, Beaded Half Round,   applications such as prolonged exposure to   might seem like an economical solution however,
 Victorian Ogee, Notts OG, G46 Moulded, Deep   sunlight and the ability to survive in highly   whole life cost comparisons prove that is not the
 Half Round and Box.
 corrosive environments. All painting should be   case.
 These profiles are available in a variety of   carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s   PVC does not have the strength, rigidity,
 sizes. Pipes are available in round, square and   guidelines.  durability or colour fastness of metal rainwater
 rectangular sections. They come either ready   The sensitive restoration and maintenance   systems. The ‘cast iron look-alike’ effect is
 primed for subsequent painting on site prior   of many of the United Kingdom’s cherished   created by applying a textured paint or co-
 to installation or are now widely available pre-  buildings is vital to the preservation of the   extrusion layer to the PVC substrate which
 painted with several manufacturers offering a   country’s architectural heritage with cast iron   will in time fade, if not delaminate, and for that
 range of British Standard colours or RAL options   rainwater products being a key feature in many   reason generally most of these products are only
 to suit end users, architects, and installers or to   of these old buildings. Ornamental rainwater   guaranteed for 10 years.
 meet specific planning requirements.
 heads, radius gutters, bespoke pipework and   Cast iron is widely stocked at plumbing and
 Pre-painted products now offer the benefit of   special gutter profiles can all be matched   building merchants across the UK, Ireland and
 mechanised coating application for uniform   using traditional sand casting methods. An   Channel Islands and is also available to order
 thickness and superior finish quality, as well   extensive range of designs is available to   online through a number of specialist suppliers.
 as allowing for more efficient installation by   order from manufacturers who hold tooling for   Details of manufacturers can be found via the
 removing the time needed for manually applied   these items and specialist fabrication methods   product matrix on the MGMA web site; this
 paint to dry to a sufficient thickness. If purchased   are also available for bespoke requirements.   matrix has been designed to help specifiers
 in a primed finish for on-site painting, it is   Manufacturers can offer specialist advice on   quickly find a suitable manufacturer for their
 important to paint each component individually   project requirements and their details are on the   project and there is also an option to select
 before installation, ensuring that all the non-  MGMA web site.  by product application namely, non-domestic,
 visible areas are painted and protected and also   There is controversy regarding the various plastic   domestic, heritage, new build and refurbishment.
 ensure that the paint is fully dry (not just touch   ‘cast iron look-alike’ pipe and gutter systems
 dry) prior to installation, otherwise the silicone   that have entered the market, purporting to   Cast iron rainwater systems are designed and
 sealant may react with the un-cured paint finish.  offer the same durability, feel or appearance   manufactured to give many years of reliable
 Powder coated finishes are becoming   as the genuine cast iron product at a lower   service and detailed guidance is available on the
            MGMA web site at
 increasingly popular as they offer excellent   cost. Despite the latest technology and modern

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