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Saint-Gobain PAM UK specialises in the manufacture of cast iron above and below ground drainage systems and both cast iron and steel rainwater management systems.

Quality manufacturing
With access to worldwide technical excellence and a large portfolio of products, Saint-Gobain PAM UK is able to combine the benefits of a global presence with the ability to tailor to local specification, to ensure they provide the highest standard of rainwater solutions.

Manufacturing at Telford is operated under strict quality management systems (BS EN ISO 9001:2008) and Saint-Gobain PAM has been awarded the ‘manufacturing to Environmental Standards’ accreditation BS EN ISO 14001:2004.This standard was developed to help manufacturers maintain and improve their management of environmental responsibilities and assist them in ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Product ranges 

Cyclone galvanised steel rainwater system
Cyclone complements any domestic or commercial building, large or small, traditional or modern. Cyclone is the ideal rainwater solution for the discerning self-builder, from timber-framed houses to commercial buildings such as supermarkets, industrial units and warehouses.

Cyclone combines proven environmental qualities with practical benefits to provide a high performance rainwater control solution for all types of buildings. Cyclone has a low carbon footprint which makes it the ideal choice where sustainability is a key requirement. Cyclone at the end of its natural life can itself be totally recycled further underpinning its carbon footprint and whole life costing credentials.

Cyclone is competitively priced with plastic systems and more cost-effective when compared with aluminium rainwater systems. offering minimal thermal movement and UV stability, it will not crack, fade or leak, is highly resistant to corrosion and virtually maintenance free.

Cyclone offers vandal proof capabilities – the system downpipe fits closely to the wall and is robustly secured making it virtually impossible to either climb up or pull off the wall.

Cyclone is lightweight and easy to install; no special skills or tools required. The system has been designed to push, click and forget; no mechanical fixings or joints required.

Cyclone is:

Comparable in price to a mid-range plastic system
UV stable, will not fade blister or crack
Minimal thermal movement
Lightweight and very easy to install
Eco-friendly, sustainable and fully recyclable
Manufactured from high quality steel
Hardwearing and robust
Will last in excess of 40 years
Available in three sizes of gutter and downpipe to suit all building types
Available in four colours; black, white, silver metallic and dark grey, all with a finish guaranteed for 15 years

Classical cast iron rainwater system range 

Saint-Gobain PAM UK manufactures the Classical range of traditional rainwater and gutter systems designed in accordance with BS 460. Its standard ranges of half round gutter and circular downpipe system are also assessed and approved by British Board of Agrément Certificate 97/3434 (the only cast iron manufacturer with third party accreditation). 

The Classical range is

Fire safe. Cast iron is non-combustible and does not require any fire protection and will not emit toxic gases or sooty smog.
Longevity. When a building is modernised every 15 or 20 years, the cast iron elements along with structure will likely remain, and should last the life of the building.
Strength. High resistance to accidental impact damage, mishandling on site and vandalism.
Sustainability. Saint-Gobain cast iron systems are manufactured from 97% recycled materials (scrap) which are in turn 100% recyclable at the end of their extended life span of in excess of 50 years.


  • Cast iron rainwater and gutter systems to BS460
  • Eight gutter profiles and associated fittings:
    • Standard half round
    • Half round beaded
    • Deep half round
    • Moulded
    • Victorian OG
    • Notts OG
    • Box
    • Express half round
      Circular, square and rectangular downpipe systems
      Supplied in a black water based primer

Classical Plus

  • Rainwater and gutter systems supplied with a black semi-gloss painted finish for immediate installation
  • High performing polymer powder alloy PPA571 coating (average thickness 200 micron)
  • Significantly reduces labour time on site by 60%
  • Potential saving in scaffold hire.
  • Colours available to order.

Bespoke castings – Priced to order

  • Replica castings
  • Modified angle fittings
  • Large decorative gutters
  • Decorative RW heads
  • Dates
  • Emblems/ badges 

Timesaver heritage

  • Plain ended cast iron soil pipes and fittings to BS 416 part 2
  • Push-fit Heritage couplings
    • Traditional socket appearance
    • 50, 75 and 100mm diameters
    • Plain, eared and slip versions
    • Easy to install compared to socket / spigot systems
    • Labour saving.

Services at Telford

  • Technical advisory
  • Advice and guidance on installation
  • Complete CAD drawing design and take-off
  • Detailed bill of materials (free of charge)
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